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Hairstyle doesn't need a large amount of instruction, but there are several key tips and tricks that will help perfect the style, while certainly makeing it easier and faster for everyone. Here we go!

Pompadour Haircut Ideas For Women

Pompadour haircuts is an all-time conventional that has become quite well-known recent years, especially among superstars. Going from long to short hairstyles is a big phase for most females. If you think that you are fed up with being a replicated and want to create a declaration with your locks, then pompadour haircut idea is a good option.


Though, make sure that you have the right mind-set and assurance to bring off one of the same.

The pompadour, also known as the quiff or the “faux hawk, is quite a brand-new hairstyle. Usually the pompadour hairstyle is shaved clearly at both sides and teased top in the center.

Whether you want to game an edgy or conventional styles, here are some awesome concepts along with brief explanations on how to do pompadour hair-styles that you like.

Pompadour Haircut for Short Hair
To make this retro-inspired hair design, you need pomade or wax to smooth returning the locks on the returning and ends so that they remain near to the head. You can use trimmers to cut the locks at the edges and at the returning of the go. The top can be designed the way you want. For an edgy look, opt for a increased pompadour, where the locks is backcombed, poufed up and properly secured to the returning of the go using hooks. For a smoother look, snuggle the top part of the locks using a hair straightener. To keep the locks in position and protect the design, you need design items like the Movements Foaming Cover Cream or the Bumble and bumble Does It All Styling Apply. A lovely vintage choice if your locks is very short. Not satisfied? Then try the quiff, which brings together the '50s pompadour with the contemporary mohawk for a awesome stone celebrity look.
short pixie pompadour haircut

Pompadour Haircut for Medium Hair
With medium-long locks, you can merge the poufed hair at the front side with smooth ends and a primary updo at the returning, or tie them into a ponytail. All you need to do is take the locks on the edges smooth against the head and pin them to the returning. The top side area needs to be taunted up to the essential size and pinned at the returning or the side. Your locks at the returning can be made into an stylish France bun or a simple ponytail. Want something casual? Make the pompadour at the top, and let the rest of the locks loss around in waves.

Pompadour Haircut for Long Hair
If you are naturally endowed with waves or curls, all you have to do is shape them a bit, which is fantastic. Elegant Africa American Pompadour Hairstyle. It was an event celebrating jeans, which became popular in the '50s, when pompadours where the big (pun intended) hairstyle of the day.Pompadour pin up style.
long pixie pompadour haircut

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Red Hair Color Chart and Shades

Whether you have naturally copper tresses or choose a fiery shade of dye, red hair is consistently popular and desirable. With proper care to preserve the color and keep it looking vibrant, it is possible to maintain auburn locks with relative ease, giving that exotic and mysterious touch of red to any shade.

Red Hair Color Chart

Color Chart Basics

If you've ever scanned the beauty aisle at your local drugstore or have had a hair color consultation with a professional stylist, you have more than likely seen a hair color chart. These charts are perfect visual tools for proper communication between a stylist and a client. They can help your colorist add the needed pigments to your color formula to create the desired effect. With a color chart, both stylist and client can discuss the anticipated outcome of each color service. In addition, color charts will help at-home beauty consumers produce accurate results.


If you need help downloading the printable chart, check out these helpful tips.

Finding Red Charts

Every color manufacturer will have their own color chart to display available color selections. Although most brands use their own names for each color, the system itself is universal. While you can see shades of red in just about any hair color chart, click the image to download a printable featuring several popular shades. There are a few other charts you can use to find shades of red, including:
  • has a red hair color chart that shows dark, medium and light shades of red hair separately so you can easily find the shade you are looking for.
  • Clairol allows you the option to look only at red shades on their color chart. Scroll down to the chart and select the "Shade Family" button. Highlight and click on red to get the chart to show you only the red shades.

Cherry Red Hair

Reading a Chart

Understanding a chart of hair colors can help you decide how to color your hair successfully at home or lighten it to the desired level. Upon first glance, color charts can be intimidating, but they are not difficult to use. Charts are based on hair shade levels numbered one through ten. Level one is the darkest hair color. Level ten is the lightest blonde.

burgundy Red-hair-colors-look-great-on-black-women

dark auburn hair-color with-blonde-highlights

The Many Shades of Red

There are many shades of red hair, from bold and funky to conservative and pure. Red hair is both head-turning and a daring change for those seeking an extreme makeover. Finding a red hair color shade is great fun, as red hair lets most people express the wild side of their personality.

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Balayage Hairstyles Trends 2015

Long Balayage Hairstyle

Balayage Hairstyles

Balayage has graduated and natural hair looks. The style is able to transform dark dry hair into shiny, sunkissed strands.Hopefully, you can get inspiration for your 2015 brown / black ombre hair with highlights .

Long Balayage Hairstyle

Do you like the long and balayage highlighted hair look above?
We went from natural black hair to a caramel/blonde painted balayage highlight with shaped up layers and a quick style.Long Hairstyle with Bouncy Curls and Balayage Highlights.

Long Hairstyle with Bouncy Curls and Balayage Highlights

Brown Ombre and Brown Blonde Highlights

Fall in love with the ombre and highlights hair look? The color is very natural and eye-catching. Want to have a try for the coming season?


Sun kissed Balayage Looks 

Want to have the hairstyle and color for 2015 hairstyle look? 
Expresso on top light brown highlight the outside hair and butterscotch on bottom sun-kissed.The color looks like being kissed by sun. In spring of 2015, it is a bright warm color for a new beginning.


Amber Highlights

Caramel touched with amber gives a fiery look to the bottom portion of the brown hair.The sun-kissed style looks so elegant with the color solution of brunette sparkling Amber highlights.

Caramel touched with amber highlights

Brunette Balayage Hair style

Like the brunette balayage hair style? The highlight style works like catching the sunlight on the top layers.

Brunette light Highlights

 It seems to be styled within a long period of time because of the delicate look.